Work juried into Dreamscapes and Visions Exhibition

A self portrait entitled “Through the Narrow Gate” has been juried into Dreamscapes and Visions, a fine art photography exhibition that will take place later this year at Photo Place Gallery in Vermont. This is one image from a self portrait series called Body & Soul, which explores some of the deep personal beliefs and experiences that continue to shape my life. I begin by taking a photograph of my body that becomes the canvas on which I overlay the other photograph, the soul of the image. 

Here is the Juror’s Statement from fine art photographer Susan Burnstine.

“As a working artist who interprets dreams into photographic visions, it was a great pleasure to review images from likeminded visionaries around the world.  I want to thank each individual who took a personal leap of faith and submitted to this call. It is never easy to ask another to consider your work and it was an honor to spend time visiting your unique world of dreams.  And once again, thank you to PhotoPlace Gallery for entrusting me to curate a show that is so close to my heart.

The greatest difficulty in selecting from such a comprehensive collection was to hone submissions to form the very best reflection of the theme.  This is a responsibility I take seriously as I too began my career submitting to group shows and know the hopes and disappointments connected to the process all too well. With that in mind, I spent an immense amount of time reviewing every image until I selected the final thirty-five exhibition and online images.

It is my hope that you will close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes and leap into this collection of personal dreamscapes and visions distinct to each creator’s inner worlds.”

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