Florida landscape photography - a new approach

For the past several years, I have been documenting our unique landscapes across the state of Florida through photography. The more I become familiar with the unique environments that exist here, I’ve turned toward an impressionistic approach to shooting many of the scenes that I encounter. Foggy mornings, stormy seas and soft light all help set the mood for the images I want to capture. Using a lower shutter speed and wider aperture helps to soften the details and add richness to the compositions. By using this approach, I want to visually capture the spiritual essence of these Florida landscapes and evoke the feelings I had the moment the shutter was clicked.

Quiet dawn, freshwater spring, Florida Egret wings reflecting in the morning sunlight Aerial view, Florida marshes Moonrise over salt marshes, Cedar point Florida Swift water flowing through a freshwater creek, north Florida Soft light, ocean and sand dunes, Florida beach Evening light, palm trees, freshwater spring Moonrise through the branches of an old tree Woman paddles along a quiet Florida creek, palm trees line the bank A woman looking for shells on the beach, clouds reflecting in tide pools Florida river bank with Cypress trees Setting sun illuminates wild grass Days end at Jacksonville Beach Florida Seagull flies above clouds along the beach Seagull, moonrise, sea oats Foggy dawn, spanish fort, St. Augustine Florida Florida spring, cypress trees, golden leaves Florida lake, sunset, pine trees Florida pond, foggy dawn, cormorants Florida spring, cypress trees
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