New work juried into The Quiet Landscape

One of my images was recently juried into The Quiet Landscape, an upcoming photography exhibition at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury Vermont. I’m deeply grateful to photographers Jacob and Alissa Hessler for the selection as I have have admired their landscape images for many years. The title of each work in this series is a Japanese haiku which I composed of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five.  I decided to use this form of expression for the titles to allow the viewer to experience the same feelings that I had when the image was taken. The exhibition will be on display from April 30 - May 21, 2021.


An old silent lake

birds drying wet wings at dawn

dew drops paint a dream.

Sun burns through the sky

wings flow on currents of air

the moment is now.  

As misty dawn breaks

life begins to stir and wake

while men go their way.

Light in morning mist,

flowing with the winter winds

as earth and sky merge. 

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