Chasing Waterfalls with Jacksonville Magazine

From Jacksonville Magazine: An hours drive from Jacksonville yields an unexpected oddity: Falling Creek Falls. The falls aren’t huge, plum­meting just ten feet over a lip of limestone and boulders at the bottom of a ravine. Falling Creek was the site of the first settlement in the area, and is easily accessible via an elevated boardwalk.  Photographer Tom Schifanella was drawn to the picturesque location by a roadside sign.  “After the summer after­noon thunderstorms, Falling Creek becomes a cascade of coffee colored water and foam,” he says. “Like a latte swirling in your cup, the falls churn the foam in a limestone saucer of eddies and whirlpools. The coffee color comes from the tannic acid of the decaying leaves lining the banks and swampy floor. I used a neutral density filter on the lens, which reduced the amount of light, and lengthened the exposure to eight seconds.  If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, Schifanella’s photo­graphic vocabulary runs very deep. 

NatGeo Traveler Publishes “Women of Galungan”

Grateful that NatGeo Traveler has published this image for their July/August 2019 issue. I was fortunate to document these women crowding into a temple during the annual ceremony of Galungan, which celebrates the return of Balinese gods and deified ancestors to Bali. The highly decorative baskets contain special offerings and gifts to the gods. 

National Geographic publishes “Morning Glide.”

I’m humbled that National Geographic Your shot has just published a recent photo I took called “Morning Glide” on both it’s Instagram page and website. I shot this image on July 1st, of local surfer Ross Loehr at the Mayport Poles. Even though the waves were small, the light was good and Ross was killing it on his new longboard.  I used a Salty Surf Housing and my Sony A6500 to capture the image. A link to the entire story and the other photography selected is here. 

Morocco Street Photography

We recently spent 2 weeks traveling through central and southern Morocco, taking in the fortified cites, ancient souks and desert landscapes of this beautiful country in North Africa.  Color and life abounds in the streets and we were warmly welcomed everywhere we went.  The shopping districts and souks are the lifeblood of commerce in Morocco and I used my camera to capture the energy and vitality of them.  The moment a camera is brought up to eye level, most Moroccans will avoid being photographed.  To get around this problem, I shot these images at waist level, simply pointing my wide angle lens at a scene and hoping for the best.  As I used this technique more, I became more comfortable with it and was able to quietly document the daily life of the people here. Enjoy!

Preserved Restaurant

Had a wonderful day shooting Brian Whittington, the owner and Executive Chef of Preserved Restaurant in St. Augustine and several of his signature dishes.  Brian has two other properties, The Chop Shop, an artisan butchery and Smoked, a southern BBQ restaurant. Preserved Restaurant is committed to serving fresh, locally procured proteins and produce.  All ingredients for the kitchen are made with locally grown, seasonal ingredients.  Preserved is passionately committed to sustainability.  All leftover produce is pickled, canned and sold at the Chop Shop. 

Black and White Landscapes of Norway

Super excited to be participating in 8 Visions, a photo exhibition of monochrome and alternative process photography at Southlight Gallery on November 7th. The show will include work by 8 photographers including friends Tom Hager, Paul Karabinis and more. I have been using Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag paper to print the work and have been very pleased with the beautiful rich tones this paper gives to black and white photography.

Documenting Florida’s amazing freshwater springs.

Even though I have lived in Florida almost my whole life, I’ve never explored it’s unique system of freshwater springs.  Florida has the greatest assemblage of artesian springs in the world, with over 1,000 springs documented so far.  Springs and spring runs are a unique class of ecosystems that are windows into the aquifer, which is the major source of our drinking water.  Betsy and I have traveled to several already and have been amazed by their natural beauty and diversity of wildlife. We hope to visit more soon!

Rock Springs / Kelly Park

Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park

Devil’s Elbow Springs

Ginnie Springs

Madison Blue Springs

Dogwood Springs

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